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Women in the Hotel Industry

"Every person, every employee and every guest has their own unique personality.

100 rules, but above all 1,000 exceptions, which you decide yourself, make a perfect hostess with a heart. Prerequisite - you love dealing with people and accept that every day holds surprises.

I have been combining this passion with my daily work for years. Being part of a family-run business is something very special and unfortunately becoming increasingly rare these days."

Heike Ladurner-Strolz

ÖHV Vice-President

Chairwoman ÖHV Vorarlberg

Managing Director Hotel Zimba, Schruns

"The family management of our company is very important to me. I am aware of today's difficult circumstances, but I live my profession. I have also taught this to my daughter, who will soon be following in our footsteps. I make compromises every day, but I have had to learn that there are limits and that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

My advice to everyone is to be honest with yourself and be consistent in your choices. Be willing to compromise within reason and don't lose the fun of the great experience of working with nice colleagues and guests every day!"

Kirsten Albers

Managing Director Landhotel Albers

Tourism is one of the most gender-diverse industries in the world and has an overall male/female ratio of 50:50. However, the proportion of women in management, executive, and higher positions is shockingly low according to a report by consultancy Aptamind and the World Tourism Forum Lucerne. The representation of women in these positions decreases with the management level: middle management drops to 40%, top management to 33%, and C-Suite positions to 19%.

The first step in improving gender equality is to acknowledge the existence of the problem and call it by its name – women are underrepresented in the hospitality industry and this leads to inequality. Women are critically essential in roles at all levels because of the diversity and inclusion brought to the workplace through perspectives and experiences that are unique to female individuals. This inclusion allows for a welcoming environment both for colleagues and guests from all walks of life; an outcome that also helps to attract a broader customer base, ultimately translating into higher revenues for the hotel. Working toward the goal of equality is a benefit to everyone involved. On the occasion of International Women's Day, we would like to thank all the women of the Seekda community: all our female managers, clients, partners, and employees for the extraordinary work you do every day. It is only through the continued commitment of all of us that we will be able to cross the finish line of equality.


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