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The Seekda Network: Mitterdorfer Plus

A strong partner network of marketing, consulting and web agencies built up over the years underlines the trust the industry has in Seekda. In this new column Seekda lets its partners have their say about the most appreciated aspects of the product and the partnership.

Here's what our partner Mitterdorfer Plus has to say.

Getting better every day and changing the world of tourism. Mitterdorfer Plus develops innovative solutions for the tourism industry. Together with hoteliers, processes are optimized and technology is used sensibly.

How did you start working with Seekda?

8 years ago we were looking for a strategic partner for the Channel Manager. Because of the direct communication structure from the beginning and the long term perspective, we chose Seekda.

Why do you recommend Seekda's products to your customers?

When we talk to our customers about their challenges, we find that support and reliability are the most important selection criteria. We feel that Seekda is very good at these two criteria and we pass this on to our customers.

Which functions and features do you find most interesting and suitable for your hotel customers?

The extensive rate management and the targeted channel management and control offer so many possibilities that for me they are the core of a functioning online booking process.

In your experience, which features do your hotel guests appreciate the most?

Of course the online booking in the form of the KUBE is highly appreciated, but it is the other functions of the Channel Manager, such as the management of sales blocks differentiated by channel, quotas for OTAs, the extensive rate management and reporting, that are decisive for customer satisfaction.

Why does the partnership with Seekda work so well?

Reliability and the will to overcome challenges together are the basis of our long-standing partnership.

We would like to thank Dr. Markus Mitterdorfer for the interesting interview and the exciting insights!


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