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KUBE: Optimized Presentation of Alternative Offers

The winter season is just around the corner, and with it, the time when our customers' occupancy rates are at their highest - current forecasts promise a very good winter season! In this context, we are pleased to present an important innovation in KUBE that will improve the booking experience when availability is low. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our product, we have completely redesigned the way in which alternative offers are displayed when a guest's search does not yield any results. The goal of this update is to immediately present relevant and attractive options to the user, encouraging them to complete their booking.

The scope of this update focuses on improving the display of alternative offers specifically on a room level within the KUBE. This applies when a list of rooms and packages is presented, and some of these options are not available based on the user's search criteria.

Key Enhancements:

  • Immediate Display of Bookable Offers. These are displayed directly in the search result in an easy-to-understand manner, rather than offering the guest a link to an alternative search. This results in a more engaging user experience and gets the guest to book faster.

  • Extended Date Range. Instead of only considering the user's selected check-in date, we will now look into both future and past dates from the chosen check-in date. This allows us to find the closest alternative offers not only in the future but also in the past.

  • Alternative Date Scenarios. We have improved the algorithm for selecting alternative offers. The system will now search for offers with the same Length of stay and check-in day of the week, either later or earlier. It will also consider offers with the same length of stay but a different check-in day of the week. For example, if a user searches for a Friday check-in, and a Saturday check-in is available, it will be presented as an alternative. Additionally, the system will look for any closest bookable date, whether in the future or the past. If a room/rate is available for a specific date, we will check if the user's desired length of stay is also available for that date.

  • Adaptive Length of stay Reduction. If an alternative with the same length of stay as the user's search is not available, the system will automatically reduce the length of stay until a bookable offer is found. This ensures that users are presented with alternatives that match their criteria as closely as possible.

With these enhancements to the presentation of alternative offers in the KUBE, we aim to create a more user-friendly and satisfying experience for our guests. Users can expect to see more relevant alternatives when their initial search criteria do not yield results, reducing frustration and enhancing their booking journey.


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