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KUBE and Tracking Integration

Alongside our HTS team, our colleagues in the technical departments also contribute to the development and optimization of the product through constant dialogue with our partners. In particular, our developers regularly exchange ideas with web agencies and other technicians who are commissioned by our hoteliers to install the KUBE and the corresponding tracking on their websites. By integrating the KUBE on your hotel's website with your Analytics account, you can easily track the number of visitors and compare them with visitor statistics. Integration with Google Analytics enables you to track and analyse visitors as well as their behaviour and bookings on your booking engine. This allows you to identify your best selling points and develop sales strategies to improve the visitor experience. According to the feedback we receive from our partners, the KUBE's tracking integration shines in 3 areas:

  • Thanks to Google Tag Manager, integration with various tracking providers is possible, which means that no developer skills are required.

  • KUBE comes with a pre-defined list of tracking events, allowing seamless reporting of the sales funnel.

  • The Seekda backend supports custom configuration if events need a Javascript reaction or the data needs to be adjusted for tracking, all without the need for a web agency installation.

Thanks to the easy GTM integration, even major changes to your tracking suite don't require changes to your webshop. Want to switch from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4? Simply configure the appropriate tag in Google Tag Manager and the KUBE will migrate!


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