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Introducing Dynamic Banner Enhancement

This enhancement empowers hoteliers to curate highly tailored and visually captivating content within their dynamic banners, enabling a more personalized and engaging guest experience. This update includes:

  • Additional Logo Options: Hoteliers now possess the freedom to showcase an extra logo within the dynamic banner. This logo can seamlessly complement the existing hotel logo or even take its place, offering a seamless canvas for customization and brand alignment.

  • Styled Text in Banner: Hoteliers can seamlessly integrate styled text directly into the banner itself. This allows the display of case-specific messaging in a visually captivating format, ensuring vital information captures attention effectively.

  • Expanded Dynamic Behavior Attributes: The enhancement introduces compatibility with Access Restriction features, broadening the dynamic behavior attributes of the dynamic banner. This allows for a wider array of attributes to dynamically control banner visibility, offering refined targeting precision.

Hoteliers can now leverage multiple visual components within the header banner, significantly enhancing the prominence and significance of various promotional cases or specific scenarios where dynamic banners are employed.

Witness these enhancements in action with some use cases:

  • Seasonal Transitions: Properties transitioning between winter and summer seasons can present visually striking options in the dynamic banner, effectively enticing guests with evolving offerings.

  • Language-Centric Communication: Multi-lingual text seamlessly integrates to communicate special offerings to specific user groups, catering to guests from particular countries or those leveraging unique promotion codes.

  • Spotlighting Special Events: Properties can effectively promote time-bound events within their premises or local community, such as an upcoming Oktoberfest event, directly through the dynamic banner.

  • Proactive Operational Communication: Keep guests informed well in advance about critical property operations, like temporary closures for renovations, ensuring a smooth and well-informed booking process.

In addition, due to the widespread use of high-resolution displays and our image supplier's adoption of the latest AVIF image format, which is known for effectively reducing image size while maintaining excellent quality, we have successfully increased the resolution of the banners within the KUBE. This improvement is particularly noticeable for text-based banners.

This Dynamic Banner Enhancement marks a significant stride, equipping hoteliers with a more potent toolset for effective and aesthetic guest communication.


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