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How Can Hotels Attract Millennials as a Target Group?

A recent study by Boutique Hotelier shows that 42% of millennials plan to spend more on travel in 2023 - a huge opportunity for hotels. With this in mind, the latest generation of travellers has been closely scrutinised to understand what sets them apart from other guests and how hoteliers can tailor their offerings to meet their needs and drive more bookings.

Who are the Millennials? Many sources define this generation as those born between 1980 and 2000. The Pew Research Center highlights some key characteristics of millennials that could impact various aspects of the hospitality industry:

  • They entered the workforce at the height of an economic recession.

  • They grew up during the rapid development of technology.

  • They are more ethnically diverse than previous generations.

Each of these factors has helped to shape this generation and, by extension, the tourism and hospitality industry as a whole. How can hotels attract millennials?

Experience as a Key Driver According to Resonance Consultancy's 2018 U.S. Millennial Travel Report, 85 percent of millennials value stepping out of their comfort zone and learning new things when they travel. Millennials have changed the way status is defined, prioritising experiences over material possessions. You can tap into this trend by creating an authentic, local experience at your hotel that appeals to Millennials who value a connection to local food, art, and music. Be sure to communicate these offerings when visitors visit your website to ensure you pique their interest.

Personalisation Is the Key to Success Most of today's travellers, especially millennials, are not brand loyal. The best way to capture their attention is to offer them a truly unique and personalised experience. A simple but effective tactic is to take advantage of major events in your destination and create packages around them. For example, is Beyoncé performing in your town? Offer a package that includes a free shuttle to the concert and late checkout the next day. Mobile Devices Millennials are the first generation of digital natives, which means their expectations and behaviours around technology have completely changed. With mobile devices dominating hotel website traffic, it's no surprise that one in two millennial bookings are made on a smartphone or tablet. 86% of millennials are dissatisfied with a poor mobile user experience; this is the perfect opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and go one step further. Offer exclusive content and promotions for mobile devices to increase conversion rates on small devices. Social Media Their penchant for mobile devices means millennials are documenting their travels for the world to see. The vast majority of millennials use social media while travelling, inspiring their followers in their quest for adventure. Social media has become a true source of inspiration for this age group and is an incredibly powerful platform for hotel brands to communicate and connect with potential guests. Be sure to strengthen your brand presence on social media with images that inspire travellers and make them want to stay at your hotel. Also, proactively encourage them to follow your brand to grow your audience and the number of people around the world who see and share your content.


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