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Hotel Bonus: Latest updates

Seekda's portfolio currently includes two programs: Payback and Flying Blue. Hotel Bonus' display and settings are constantly updated to optimize the guest experience, taking into account the hotelier's preferences. The latest updates have brought the following benefits:

  • The Hotel Bonus Rewards widget displays a banner for selected loyalty programs on your website to provide another incentive for direct booking. You can place the banner widget on your homepage and have your web agency display the banner only if the website visitor meets the country-specific eligibility requirements for that loyalty program. Another use case could be to display the banner widget only when a user visits your website for the second time but has not yet booked. Your web agency can use many ways to improve your website's performance and target specific audiences directly. The following example shows how the widget could be displayed on your website:

  • With Hotel Bonus you can now select rates you want to highlight to increase your revenue. When you use this feature, your KUBE will increase user awareness of the selected offers. If only one rate per room type offers Hotel Bonus rewards, or if a whole room with all rates offers rewards, the highlighted offers will be highlighted with a customizable background color and displayed in a slightly different layout. This way the selected Hotel Bonus rates are highlighted in the KUBE:

  • The possibility to target loyalty points to specific groups is an essential part of setting up the loyalty program. For example, you may want to award certain loyalty points only to a target group that comes from a certain source. This could be, for example, a newsletter that provides a promo code to a certain customer segment, which then allows only the selected target group to access certain rates with loyalty points. Further restrictions can be defined: Selected rates, selected room types, selected promotions, booking from a defined minimum stay, access restrictions. You can use the listed restrictions individually or combine them. With these restrictions for hotel bonus rewards you can target the sales of certain products by offering the additional Hotel Bonus incentives only on these products.

Loyalty programs have long been a popular tool for the hotel industry to engage guests and drive direct bookings. According to TravelBoom, a company specializing in data-driven marketing solutions, a recent study on leisure travel trends showed the following: 60% of loyalty program members say that their booking decisions are significantly positively influenced by loyalty programs. Don't miss this sales-optimizing opportunity and conquer new customer segments right away with our Hotel Bonus Program!


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