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TrustYou Display Upgrade in the KUBE

In response to the growing importance of guest feedback in today's hospitality industry, Seekda has completely redesigned the display of TrustYou feedback within the KUBE.

Key Highlights:

  • Stunning New Design. We have given the TrustYou feedback display a fresh and modern makeover. The new design is not only visually appealing but also highly user-friendly, ensuring that your guests can easily access and navigate through reviews.

  • Dedicated Reviews Page. With this update, each hotel's TrustYou reviews now have their own dedicated page within KUBE. For example, reviews can be accessed at, making it even more convenient for guests to find and read reviews specific to your property.

  • Seamless Integration. Our redesigned TrustYou feedback display is seamlessly integrated into the KUBE platform, offering a smoother and more cohesive experience for both hoteliers and guests. The integration ensures that TrustYou reviews are an integral part of your hotel's online presence.

  • Direct Linking. Hoteliers can now provide a direct link from their own website to the TrustYou reviews. This feature empowers you to encourage potential guests to explore the feedback and gain valuable insights into your hotel's reputation and guest satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Booking Experience. Guest reviews can be accessed at any step of the booking process. Whether a guest is browsing available options, reviewing their shopping cart, or ready to make a reservation, TrustYou reviews are readily available. This feature enables potential guests to make informed decisions and book with confidence.

We believe that these improvements will not only enhance the way your hotel showcases guest reviews but also provide your guests with a more engaging and informative booking experience.


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