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Hotel manager

The central interface for the entire sales-related operational management, via which all hotel-relevant data is managed centrally.

Hotel Room

Almost there, the first step towards realizing your sales goals is just a mouse click away!

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With the Hotel Manager, you control and synchronize prices and availability on all booking channels in real time via a single interface. This high level of automation lowers distribution costs and reduces manual maintenance. This reduces the risk of error sources and overbooking enormously and ensures optimal utilization of your hotel.

Data maintenance in the Hotel Manager can be done manually as well as by connecting your preferred PMS provider. The rate structure can, of course, be designed as desired and quite flexibly. With the help of a system of basic and derived price lists, it is also possible to define price surcharges as well as deviating booking conditions for individual channels.

Once the data is maintained, Hotel Manager unleashes one of its true strengths: the marketing functions. Below you will find a selection of popular features that have proven to be particularly revenue-generating.

Even after the initial setup of your account and the implementation of all the marketing functions you want, Seekda Hotel Manager remains an indispensable tool for business management and the development of a growth strategy. Indeed, here you can draw valuable statistics and data on the performance of each channel, room, package, etc., and analyze this information to optimize your hotel's sales strategy. With Seekda's reports, it is also possible to automate the sending of custom statistics at any interval. Always all data at a glance!

Last but not least, you determine who has access to the Hotel Manager and under which conditions. The User Manager allows the effective administration of any number of users. Different user roles allow you to additionally set the access rights according to the required authorization (e.g. administrator, web agency, reception).

Make your guests' stay in your hotel a unique experience: Put together special offers consisting of a certain number of nights and additional services, such as golf, mountain biking, hiking, skiing or simply a romantic weekend. The arrangements can be created with a fixed price or based on a daily price with a surcharge or discount.

In addition to selecting the room and the desired price list, you can give your guest the opportunity to complete their booking with various extras, such as a parking space, a bottle of champagne in the room or a massage.

Additional services

Make your guests a special offer from your regular daily rates: Discounts for early booking, last minute, long stays, free children, and free nights.


With Seekda's voucher system, you can create campaigns and provide selected target groups with voucher codes that reduce the booking value by a certain amount or percentage at checkout. Experience has shown that this marketing tool is particularly effective for regular customer programs and newsletters.


With Seekda Price Drop Alert you increase your chances of convincing indecisive guests. After activating the feature, potential guests receive price update notifications by entering their email address and a threshold value. Based on the threshold, the hotelier is able to offer discounts to guests manually or automatically, depending on the occupancy of the property, in order to increase their bookings.

Price Drop Alerts

The booking confirmations and all preset templates for communicating with your guests can be easily customized to match your hotel's style and CI. All this is done via an intuitive interface directly in the hotel manager or, for advanced users and web agencies, via CSS.

Corporate Branding

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