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OTA Channels

The all-rounder for online sales. Decide for yourself when and on which platforms you are searched, found and booked.

Seekda is a highly respected, long-term partner of all major global OTA channels, seamlessly integrated into a unique distribution portfolio. This includes well-known players as well as many regional channels supported by Seekda and local distribution initiatives in regions such as Central Europe. Seekda's distribution capabilities enable harmonious coexistence between direct and OTA distribution, ensuring strategic pricing entirely in line with your business model.

Here is a complete listing of the OTA channels currently available in the portfolio:

  • Agoda

  • Airbnb

  • Booking Südtirol


  • cheapTickets

  • DS Solutions


  • Expedia

  • Feratel

  • Historic Hotels Europe


  • HotelSpecials

  • Hotwire

  • HRS


  • Orbitz

  • Special Deal

  • STC

  • Thematica

  • Tiscover



  • Venere

Hotel Room

Almost there, the first step towards realizing your sales goals is just a mouse click away!

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