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The Seekda Network: websLINE

websLINE: Inspiring clients - for over 30 years! This is what the owner-managed online agency stands for, specializing 100 percent in the needs and requirements of the vacation hotel industry.

Decades of core competence in the areas of web development, online marketing as well as the programming of individual software products, such as the booking & correspondence system ABM V5, Hotel CRM, Coupon Store, hotel rating system up to the comprehensive marketing suite, have made websLINE a leading and reliable partner in the industry.

How did the cooperation with Seekda start?

We have been Seekda's interface partner since 2016. At that time, Seekda was our first channel manager that we connected to our comprehensive booking and correspondence solution ABM V5 via an innovative 2-way interface. We chose Seekda because the channel manager was already used by a large number of holiday hotels and offered many outstanding features and possibilities.

Why do you recommend Seekda's products to your customers?

We like to recommend the Seekda Channelmanager because the system runs very stable - probably one of the most important factors for us as a direct interface partner. Furthermore, the interfaces to the PMS systems are mostly very good and stable, which in our opinion is also a very important factor for success.

Last but not least we find the fast support and the always very good cooperation with the Seekda team to be another very relevant and pleasant key fact.

Which functions and features do you find most interesting and suitable for your hotel customers?

In addition to the Channel Manager, the META Search integration is very important for our customers to be able to clearly communicate the best price to potential guests in advance when booking via their own website. The connection to the ABM booking solution then ensures a smooth booking process via the hotel's own website. We also find the various options to "map" the sometimes complex pricing systems of the holiday hotel industry in Seekda Rate Management very advanced.

In your experience, which features are most appreciated by your hotel customers?

+ Channel Manager

+ META search

+ Mapping of complex pricing systems (e.g. child discounts etc.)

Why does the partnership with Seekda work so well?

As a long-time technology partner, our two companies are united by the philosophy of continuous development for the benefit of our customers. I think this is the "foundation" of a good and innovative partnership.


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