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The Most Important Online Booking Channels of 2022

Market leader Seekda reveals the list of top performing distribution channels of 2022. Seekda's analysis is based on two factors: the total number of bookings and the booking revenue generated by each channel.

In terms of number of bookings, the giant is in first place, followed by direct bookings via the Seekda Booking Engine, second in the single property version and third in the portal version. Other popular OTA channels with a significant presence include Expedia and HRS, followed by the Google meta-channel. Enhanced metasearch strategies, including a key integration with Google Free Booking Links, have further contributed to the growth in direct bookings.

The picture changes significantly when looking at the average value of bookings across different channels. While OTA channels are very popular, hotel websites remain the strongest booking channel for guests in terms of booking value. In first and third place are the two direct booking options via Seekda, with an average booking value of around € 1,500. According to the data, the success in terms of revenue is due to the marketing features offered by Seekda, which provide added value to the guest compared to booking through external channels. Among the functions that contribute most to increasing the value of bookings are offers (packages), additional services, and promotions.

Another important factor is the number of cancellations: This is 12% for direct bookings on the hotel website via Seekda's booking engine. For OTA channels, such as, the average is 35%.

A strong presence on all these channels is important to attract the attention of potential guests. By optimizing your hotel website and using the most appropriate marketing features for your structure, working with all possible OTA and META channels from the Seekda portfolio, partnering with travel agents, and interacting with guests on social media, you can increase your visibility and ultimately generate more bookings for your hotel.


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