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The Hotel Bonus Program launches with PAYBACK

Seekda, the undisputed market leader in Austria, is launching an exclusive customer loyalty program for the hotel industry with PAYBACK Austria. PAYBACK has quickly established itself as one of Austria's most dominant brands and counts 3.2 million Austrians as members of its loyalty program. As a first step, PAYBACK is available exclusively to Austrian hotels and Austrian PAYBACK members.

You can activate the PAYBACK Austria customer loyalty program under the menu item Marketing > Hotel Bonus and then manage it directly in the Hotel Manager using an intuitive cockpit. Once you have earned your first PAYBACK points, you can configure the program.

Once you have activated your rewards program and have sufficient credit, guests making a booking from Austria will be shown the amount in PAYBACK points based on the room booking value:


On the check-out page, the guest has the option to enter and apply the PAYBACK service card number:


The amount of the bonus depends on the booking value, which is listed in the PAYBACK loyalty program scale section:


The points will be credited to the guest's account 8 days after departure, should there be no cancellation or no-show message by then.

We recommend the automatic top-up function so that you never run out of points with which to reward your guests.

The strategic partnership with PAYBACK is aimed at the Austrian market as a first step and will thus allow us to noticeably increase the demand for domestic bookings, which are an enormously important factor especially in this extraordinary situation. Profit from this right away!!


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