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Seekda Success Stories: Hotel Waldruhe

Waldruhe in Tirol: Experience nature, enjoy sustainability! This family-run hotel in Kartitsch has a unique Natural Living concept. Here, guests can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the midst of nature in a family atmosphere and experience innovative approaches that focus on sustainability and ecological concepts. With a natural interior design and a focus on the beauty of the mountains and the tranquillity of nature, Waldruhe offers a unique experience.

In our interview, Franz Strasser, owner of Hotel Waldruhe, gives an insight into the decisive factors that led to the choice of KUBE as the booking engine for his hotel.

What convinced you about Seekda as a channel manager?

I am convinced of Seekda as a channel manager because the platform is easy to understand and uncomplicated to use. Both we and our guests find the user interface very clear.

What convinced you to switch to the KUBE?

The attractive design and ease of use of KUBE convinced me to switch to this platform. The KUBE is uncomplicated and easy to use, both for our guests and for us. As a result, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of work involved in making bookings.

Which features do you find most interesting and suitable for your hotel?

I find the individual design of KUBE, the simple price management and the possibility to adjust prices at short notice at any time particularly interesting and suitable for our hotel. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the platform. In addition, the automatic email traffic offers individual design options for both pre-arrival and post-departure emails, which I find extremely practical.

What are your impressions and experiences?

The percentage of online bookings has increased enormously, which has reduced our workload considerably. Bookings come in easily, are entered quickly and then completed. More and more people are using this option, which has increased our percentage of direct bookings to around 99 per cent.

Contact Hotel Waldruhe Neuwinkel 154 9941 Kartitsch Austria


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