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Seekda Success Stories: Hallstatt Hideaway

Hallstatt Hideaway, Austria: Simply different. In addition to culture, nature and the unique energy of this special place between salt and lake, guests at the Hallstatt Hideaway can switch off and find peace in a private atmosphere.

In this interview, Dr. Silke Seemann of the Hallstatt Hideaway reveals the factors that led her to use the KUBE as a booking engine for her hotel.

What convinced you to switch to KUBE?

Two factors were important to us: firstly, the guest's point of view and secondly, the handling on our side.

From the guest's point of view, the KUBE booking screen is visually more appealing and fits in better with our new website. In addition, the new screen offers more functions and customisation options, which we value highly and which ultimately convinced us to make the switch.

Which features do you find most interesting and suitable for your hotel?

Firstly, the wide range of channels that can be connected in the interface overview, and secondly, the individual control of texts in the booking section. Both offer unbeatable added value for our hotels.

What are your first impressions?

The data maintenance and control of the configuration settings is still very easy and the support is (perceived to be) even more eager to implement a correct configuration with us. We are happy with our choice.

Contact Hallstatt Hideaway Dr. Mortonweg 24

4830 Hallstatt



Hotel Room

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