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Seekda: Our strengths according to customers

At Seekda, the customer is always at the center of everything we do. The continuous development of our products and the expansion of our services is therefore always based on the needs of the market and the valuable feedback from our hoteliers.

As part of our recent survey on Seekda customers' satisfaction with our product, some very interesting aspects have emerged, highlighting the reasons why Seekda is the preferred distribution platform for the vast majority of hotels in the DACH region.

In response to the question What do you particularly like about Seekda compared to other providers you have had experience with in the past? the following points were highlighted:

  • Powerful Booking Engine. The Booking Engine (KUBE) represents the heart of direct bookings - its great performance and resulting increased conversion rate are particularly appreciated by Seekda customers. The response speed of the KUBE has been significantly increased compared to the DSR. This factor, combined with optimized usability and intuitive presentation of booking-related details, are key to the increase in direct bookings.

  • Domain for the KUBE. The KUBE is a standalone booking solution on an extra page. An innovation that offers our hoteliers several advantages, especially in terms of conversion. Unlike many competitors, the URL for the KUBE is freely selectable. With the right domain name for the KUBE, Seekda customers perfectly integrate the stand-alone booking engine into the concept of your homepage, thus rounding off your web presence.

  • Intuitive and comprehensive system. Seekda's backend serves as a central interface for all sales-related business management, through which all hotel-relevant data is centrally managed. Seekda customers particularly appreciate the simplicity of using the Hotel Manager: in just a few easy steps, the desired changes can be made without complication. Once the data has been maintained, Seekda's backend unfolds one of its true strengths - the marketing functions. Packages, promotions and vouchers are among the most popular functions here.

  • Support quality. One of the first factors our customers cite as a reason for their satisfaction with Seekda is the very high quality of customer support - a factor that sets the Austrian market leader far apart from its competitors. The HTS team, based in Vienna and available by both email and phone, provides quick responses within a very short period of time. And all this at no additional cost - support is already included in the annual fee! The numerous reviews from Seekda customers on Google prove the first-class service the company offers.

  • Status Page. On Seekda's Status Page we keep you informed about any server problems, upcoming maintenance, as well as temporary glitches. So, if you get the feeling that certain services or servers are unavailable, you can always take a look at our status page and check if there are indeed technical malfunctions.

Would you like to share your past experience at Seekda? If so, we'd love to hear a review from you on or directly on Google. Even if it is only a few sentences, you will not only help other interested parties to get a practical picture, but you will also help us to continuously improve our product. We look forward to reading from you. Thank you very much!


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