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Seekda Learn: FAQs

In this article, we would like to address Frequently Asked Questions and provide you with background knowledge on recurring topics so that you can also find the right solution approach right away and thus save valuable time.

Our initial question today is: A reservation exists in the hotel manager, but has not yet been imported into my PMS - is Seekda actively sending the reservations to the hotel program?

The quick answer to this:

Seekda(with the exception of Protel) does not actively send bookings to the PMS, nor does it have visibility into the room plan.

The comprehensive answer to this with a pinch of expert knowledge:

A connection to the PMS means that your hotel program (if it is certified for this with Seekda), can send prices and availabilities to us.

Subsequently, Seekda transmits these prices and availabilities in real time to all connected channels and, in return, makes the reservations available for collection by the PMS.

A guest books on an external channel, for example, the reservation is transmitted to Seekda as the channel manager, andentered into our system with the transmitted data (XML).

After this reservation is successfully imported, Seekda makes the reservation available to connected PMS providers for pickup on the designated endpoint after authentication by the PMS.

The property management system queries our endpoint for reservations at predefined intervals using an XML request (POST).

If the connection to the endpoint was possible, the endpoint receives an XML response according to the query criteria (reservations with all reservation details).

Finally, this is processed internally by the PMS and stored accordingly in the room plan.


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