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Revenue Booster: Offers (Packages)

With this feature you can make your guests' stay in your hotel a unique experience by creating special offers consisting of a certain number of nights and additional services, such as golf, mountain biking, hiking, skiing or simply a romantic weekend. Offers (packages) are undoubtedly one of the most popular revenue-generating marketing features of the hotel manager.

The creation of offers brings a significant increase in sales to the hotels, regardless of their size and location. For this reason, packages are displayed prominently by default in the booking engine KUBE and are highlighted in comparison to regular price lists. The guest often tends to choose an offer that adds value to their stay at the hotel. The offer is also perceived as economically advantageous compared to booking an overnight stay, to which the desired additional services are then subsequently added on site.

The economic advantage of packages is obvious. On average, a hotel that offers its guests packages records a booking rate of 19% for packages compared to total bookings.

Packages can be created with a fixed price or based on a daily rate with a surcharge or discount. This variety of options, including numerous settings as well as restrictions on the availability and price of packages, gives hotels the flexibility they need to optimize their offer according to the desired criteria.


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