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Reports: Seekda’s Exclusive Analysis Tool

Seekda offers an exclusive hotel data analysis tool that is highly valued by many of our customers: Reports. These provide an intuitive overview of various aspects of your account, such as the number of bookings, cancellations, booking sources, rooms or services booked and many other customizable pieces of information. You can select any number of filters for each report to perform a detailed analysis that meets your exact needs.

The reports provide valuable insight into your hotel's performance. By analyzing the data, you can identify trends, make strategic decisions, and optimize your business strategy. They help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, understand your guests' booking behavior, and allocate your resources more efficiently. In short, reports are essential tools for successfully managing your hotel and growing your business.

Each report can either be viewed directly in the Seekda backend or easily exported to Excel for even more targeted analysis. You can find this feature in your Seekda account under Dashboard > Reports. If you wish, you can also create reports ad hoc by simply logging into your Seekda account, or alternatively set up an automatic sending of reports to the desired email address with the desired filters and intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Start using our reports today to realize your full potential!


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