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Packages: Boost Revenue and Delight Guests

Packages are an undeniable powerhouse when it comes to driving revenue in the hospitality industry. On average, hotels that offer packages experience a remarkable 19% increase in bookings compared to their overall reservations. With Seekda's cutting-edge booking engine, packages take center stage. After guests select their stay dates, the KUBE prominently showcases your enticing package offerings as the very first results. It's a golden opportunity to captivate potential guests right from the start. That's why crafting the perfect package description is absolutely crucial – it's the first impression that can set your hotel apart, highlight its unique experiences, and convince guests to choose you over the competition. By curating a diverse range of packages tailored to different guest needs and preferences, your hotel can elevate the guest experience and unlock additional revenue streams. Today, we're thrilled to present a selection of our most successful offers from Seekda customers. Let them inspire you to create exceptional packages for your own property!

  • Relaxation Package: Indulge in ultimate relaxation with this package, featuring a delightful room rate and one or more rejuvenating spa treatments like massages and facials. Complete with a range of wellness activities, such as yoga classes and delectable meals, including the option of breakfast in bed.

  • Adventure Package: Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! This package is tailor-made for guests seeking thrilling experiences like hiking, biking, kayaking, or zip-lining. Alongside a comfortable room, it offers guided tours and exciting activities, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and adventure of your resort location.

  • Family Package: Bring joy to families with a fantastic package designed to cater to their unique needs. With discounted rates for a second room, complimentary meals for children, and an array of family-friendly activities, this package promises an unforgettable, fun, and affordable vacation for families exploring new horizons together.

  • Romantic Package: Ignite the flames of passion with an enchanting package crafted exclusively for couples. Imagine sipping champagne, indulging in delectable chocolates, and savoring a romantic dinner for two at your resort's exquisite restaurant. Complete the experience with spa treatments or other intimate activities, perfect for celebrating honeymoons or other special romantic occasions.

  • Golf Package: Tee off to an extraordinary golf vacation with a comprehensive package. It includes a comfortable room and one or more rounds of golf at your resort's premier golf course. This is an ideal choice for avid golfers or those seeking a serene and relaxing golf getaway.

At Seekda, we understand that every hotel is unique. That's why our platform empowers you with unparalleled flexibility in creating packages. You can set fixed prices or establish per diem rates with surcharges or discounts. Our multitude of options, including extensive settings and restrictions on package availability and pricing, allow you to optimize your offerings precisely according to your desired criteria.


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