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New: Restrict Additional Services to Selected Rooms or Rates

Additional services on the KUBE can now be limited to selected rooms or rates, so that a service is only displayed and offered if a specific room or rate was selected by the guest in the first booking step.

Restricting extra services allows hoteliers to be creative and targeted, because services can be tailored to best fit the likely wants and needs of a room's guests and the corresponding room rate.

From now on, the setting options described above will be available to you in the corresponding section:

Some application scenarios for this function:

  • In some hotels, meals are not created with the rate plans, but are offered as an additional service. You can now restrict different types of meals to different rooms or rates. For example, a property has hotel rooms and vacation apartments. In the case of the vacation apartments, it should be possible to book breakfast as an additional service, as this can also be booked by the day. This would not be possible with a regular price list, while this update allows the guest to make the desired reservation.

  • In some rooms the accommodation of dogs is possible - but as an additional service for an extra charge - e.g. in the main house no dogs are allowed, but in the outhouse they are.

  • A property offers both hotel rooms and apartments. However, some additional services should only be available for apartments, e.g. cleaning during the stay or pre-filled fridge.

  • A property has exclusive suites and standard rooms. High-value additional services or items that are only available in limited quantities are only available when booking exclusive suites, e.g. premium wines or renting a luxury car.

  • A hotel has family rooms and regular rooms. Additional activities or room accessories that are geared towards families and may be difficult to arrange or have limited availability should only be displayed when booking a family room.

  • Restrict a service to an offer (package). For example, you have a ski package with a free ski pass. The ski pass for the price of zero is limited to the particular package though. This offer must be selected for the service to be available.

The restriction of services applies only to the KUBE: services set with this type of restriction will not be displayed by the expiring Booking Engine DSR. The KUBE is available for all Kognitiv Plus customers and can be tried and activated directly in the Hotel Manager. Are you not yet a Kognitiv Plus customer? Contact the HTS team and request a non-binding offer right away!


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