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Let the KUBE run under your hotel web address!

Seekda's new booking engine KUBE is a standalone and secure booking solution on an extra page. This means that it is no longer necessary to include the booking engine directly on the hotel's website an innovation that offers several advantages to our hoteliers, especially in terms of conversion.

Unlike many competitors, with the KUBE the URL is freely selectable under your own hotel domain. Nevertheless, a secure encrypted connection is guaranteed through the use of a specific, automatically generated SSL certificate.

Why is it important to choose the right domain for KUBE? With the right domain name for the KUBE you perfectly integrate the independent booking engine into the concept of your homepage and thus round off your web presence. Basically, every new KUBE user starts with the domain, but this can be adapted and modified immediately. You will find detailed instructions on how to do this under the menu item Booking Engine > Domain Setup.

Our tip: Choose a domain that makes it clear to the guest that they are booking on the official site of the hotel, especially with regard to the domain of your main site. For example, if your website is, we recommend using as the domain for the KUBE.

Follow these instructions and design your domain according to your wishes!


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Almost there, the first step towards realizing your sales goals is just a mouse click away!

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