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KUBE: 'My Booking' Feature Relocated

We're thrilled to introduce an enhanced look and feel to KUBE with the relocation of the "My Booking" feature. It's now conveniently positioned at the top right, where the language selection dropdown are. This small but impactful change improves the layout and accessibility.

Notably, this update seamlessly adopts custom CSS implemented by our clients and partners. This ensures a consistent and personalized experience while enjoying the following benefits:

  • Easier Access: The relocation makes the "My Booking" feature more accessible, saving users time by eliminating the need to navigate to the search bar.

  • Cleaner Design: By placing user-specific actions at the top right, the interface enjoys a cleaner and more intuitive design.

  • Familiarity: Users accustomed to finding crucial options on the top right will appreciate the consistent placement.

This update is the first of many in our quest for an optimized KUBE experience.


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