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KUBE in Fresh Design Now Available!

We are thrilled to introduce the KUBE in Fresh Design, the result of extensive market research and user behavior studies to enhance the booking experience of your guests. Available now for all our customers, this fresh design brings a host of exciting improvements that will make your booking engine sleeker, more engaging, and even easier to use.

Key Highlights:

  • Neater, Cleaner Design. Our new design showcases rounded edges and corners throughout the reservation process, offering a clean and minimalist aesthetic. It's visually appealing while maintaining a compact presentation of details. Its minimalist design makes it an ideal starting point for seamlessly blending into the unique branding and identity of each hotel.

  • Dynamic Images. We've introduced dynamic images to create an interactive and modern booking experience for your guests. Watch the banner image move dynamically as the page opens.

  • Optimized Calendar Integration. We've fully integrated the search calendar into the search bar, providing a cleaner and less cluttered look for date selection during the booking process. We would also like to point out the new price display in the calendar, which can be activated in the "Configuration of the calendar in the search bar".

  • Enlarged Images. Your room and offer images are now displayed much larger, optimizing the use of space and leaving a great impression on your guests right from the start.

  • Improvements in Additional Services. We've streamlined the booking process by allowing your guests to quickly get through the second step, i.e., adding additional services. This is especially beneficial for properties with numerous services. The "Continue to Checkout" is now always displayed on the page, dynamically following the user as they scroll, as does the new shopping cart.

These user-friendly improvements not only present a dynamic, fresh, and state-of-the-art booking engine but also make the booking process more intuitive, ultimately driving more revenue for your hotel.

To enable the Fresh Design version for your KUBE, you can easily accomplish this within your Hotel Manager account. Simply navigate to the Booking Engine section, select Stylings, review the preview, and then save your changes. That's all it takes, and the updated styling will be implemented on your KUBE!

How can I activate the Fresh Design for my KUBE? Customers can apply the new design themselves in their Seekda account. They don't need any external help and can check the final result directly in the Hotel Manager before publishing. Just navigate to the Booking Engine section, select Stylings, check the preview carefully and save your changes. That's all you need to do and the updated styling will be implemented in your KUBE! This user-friendly approach streamlines the design customization process and puts you in control of your hotel's online presence. If you use Custom Styling (CSS), pay special attention to any interactions with Fresh Design.

Stay fresh, stay booked, and keep delighting your guests with the KUBE in Fresh Design.


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