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KUBE: Impressum Feature

Seekda is committed to maintaining the utmost security and compliance standards across its tools to ensure the delivery of top-quality and secure services to its customers. For website operators, the legal notice serves as a virtual business card, providing essential information about their identity. It is a crucial element for users to assess the reliability of the service provider.

While many of our customers already include a legal imprint on their homepage, not all have extended this information to their booking engine. Here, we'd like to remind you of the specific steps to input this information in Seekda. You can easily do so by navigating to Property > Terms and Conditions > Imprint.

The Imprint section allows for either preformatted texts, available in all hotel languages with fallback, or a link to a PDF, with the option to specify different files for various languages. If neither text nor a file is specified, the Imprint link remains invisible in the KUBE.

We strongly advise our users to include this field, as it is a legal requirement. For instance, if you process payments through a SEPA mandate on your booking engine, the bank retains the right to verify the payment location and the provided imprint. Failing to report this information could result in legal consequences, as the legal imprint is mandatory.


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