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Key Principle: Avoid Shared Accounts on Seekda

We often find that many of our customers share the same login information (email address and password) with multiple employees. In your own interest, we would like to point out that shared logins are a security risk and have several disadvantages:

  • It is not possible to track who made a change in our history. In the event of a problem, neither the intent nor the cause of a change can be determined. This can lead to undesirable situations in the event of a breach.

  • If a password is compromised, the number of people who may be responsible for mishandling logins increases.

  • When passwords are saved in the browser, they are often forgotten. If the "forgot password" feature is used and the password is changed, all other employees using that password lose access. This encourages insecure password sharing, e.g. by leaving a note on the monitor.

Seekda offers its customers the possibility to easily create logins with individually adapted authorization levels at any time and makes the sharing of logins completely superfluous. Finally, make sure to deactivate logins when employees leave your company and regularly check the list of active users of your Seekda account.


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