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Improved Calendar View in the KUBE

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved calendar in the KUBE to enhance the booking experience for your guests. This update introduces a revamped event selection that will be used in both the desktop and mobile versions. The upgraded calendar includes a number of notable improvements based on valuable customer feedback. Here are the key new features:

  • Lowest Rate Display: The new Date Selection feature allows hoteliers to view the lowest available rate for each day directly in the calendar. This feature, requested by many properties, adds transparency and helps guests quickly find the lowest priced options.

  • Minimum Stay (MinLos): The calendar now displays minimum stay information in advance by integrating room availability data. Providing this information in real time reduces the likelihood of encountering search results that do not include available options and increases search accuracy.

  • Improved appearance and behavior of date selection: In addition to the functional improvements, the redesigned calendar offers a more appealing design. The size and styling of the calendar have been carefully optimized to provide a modern look and feel.

We believe that the revamped calendar in the KUBE will significantly optimize the booking process for your guests. It offers more transparency, improved functionality, and an attractive user interface.


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