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Google Analytics 4: Documentation for the KUBE

Over the past few months, you may have found this nicely worded email subject line from Google in your inbox: "We'll be configuring Google Analytics 4 for you soon".

The loose wording has helped to keep businesses from panicking, but it has also raised some questions about whether action is needed at all. Our colleagues at Hoteltechreport have written a very detailed guide that answers the most common questions about GA4. We recommend you read it at this link.

Do I need to do anything now? Yes, absolutely. If you haven't already set up a GA4 account for your site, you should do so now, even if you don't plan to fully use GA4 until 2023, when Universal Analytics will sunset. And why is that? For two reasons: You'll collect valuable historical data that will serve as a benchmark in the future, and you'll strengthen the machine learning models working in the background, making future analytics more meaningful.

How do I switch from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4 for KUBE? Thanks to easy GTM integration, even major changes to your tracking suite do not require changes to your web store. Simply configure the appropriate tag in Google Tag Manager and KUBE will be migrated. Follow this link for the complete documentation.


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