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Full-Service Hotel: Accompany Your Guests at Every Stage of Their Journey

Have you ever wondered how to make your hotel guests' booking journey an exceptional experience from start to finish? We've summarized some insights from Google's Micro Moments study that will revolutionize your marketing strategy! Let's dive into the five stages of the journey and learn how you can stand out from your competitors by following your guests every step of the way.

  • Dreaming: Where the journey begins. This is the dream stage where guests envision their perfect vacation. Whether you're a resort or hotel, it's time to sell that dream! Use email marketing, social media, and blogs to create compelling content that inspires and excites. Share amazing experiences with your guests in the form of photos and encourage them to post them on social media. Collaborate with influencers and travel writers to further promote your destination. Focus on omnipresence. Use meta-channels to ensure your presence on all major search engines. This way, you offer your guests maximum convenience and attractive booking conditions directly on your own website, without the detour via other platforms.

  • Planning: Make it easy for your guests. Search is the name of the game in the planning phase, and you want to be easy to find. Optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and consider paid search marketing. Use online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch platforms to increase your reach.

  • Booking: Sealing the deal. Now that guests have found you, it's time to make the booking process smooth and irresistible. Make sure your website is user-friendly on all devices, highlight attractive offers, and emphasize the unique experience your guests can expect. With Seekda's Booking Engine (KUBE), you have a powerful tool at your side that will help you achieve your sales goals and provide your guests with a pleasant booking process. The diverse functions and settings provide you with optimal support in this task. Create compelling and dynamic offers based on market conditions. The key is individualization for your guests.

  • Experience: Creating lasting memories. Customer service is the focus of this phase. Make sure your guests leave with a smile on their face, because satisfied customers are more likely to share their experience online. Combine offline and online marketing by promoting your social channels in the lobby and in the rooms.

  • Share: Spread joy. Encourage your guests to share their incredible experiences. Choose the social channels you can actively manage and promote them to your guests. Reward creative user-generated content with contests and respond effectively to online reviews. Seekda's vouchers provide a customer-friendly way to efficiently implement referral marketing.

The journey from dream to experience is complex, but with the right approach, you can make it memorable. If you are present at every stage of your guests' booking process, through the right channels and in the right tone, your bookings will skyrocket. Use technology and knowledge to create an effective guest experience!


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