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Farm Holidays and Seekda: A Sustainable Success Story

For more than 30 years, Farm Holidays (Urlaub am Bauernhof – UaB) has been the driving force behind modern and economically successful rural tourism in Austria. This is thanks to the tireless commitment of farming families and UaB's consistent strategic approach, which guarantees continuous value creation. Tourists are attracted to the authentic and nature-based experiences of UaB farms, which contribute to their growing popularity.

Around 7,400 UaB farms in Austria open their doors every year to around 1.6 million guests, almost a quarter of whom are children. With 70,000 beds on offer, this means around 4.5 million overnight stays per year at the various rural establishments. With a share of around 4% of the total number of overnight stays in Austrian tourism, farm vacations are on the rise. The most popular vacation regions, including Tyrol, Salzburgerland, Carinthia, and Styria, offer a variety of experiences, from organic farms and horse farms to wellness farms, children's farms, and wine farms.

More than 12 years ago, Urlaub am Bauernhof decided to enter into a forward-looking partnership with Seekda as a technology provider for direct booking at the farm. The powerful booking platform elevates the reservation experience to a whole new level, perfectly tailored to the needs of UaB's target group, and continues to set standards in the industry today. Both single property and multi-property solutions are deployed and Seekda's extensive portfolio of OTA channels fits seamlessly into UaB's sales strategy. The combination of a strong brand and excellent technology behind it continues to set new standards and generate direct bookings like an assembly line. More direct bookings automatically lead to more cost efficiency and at the end of the day there are only winners.

Hans Embacher, Managing Director of Urlaub am Bauernhof, reflects on the long-standing collaboration with Seekda in our exclusive interview.

"In 2011, while looking for an online booking tool for our new website, we came across Seekda. Impressed by the innovative offering, we decided to partner with them. Seekda's Channel Manager has proven to be a great asset for UaB and our members. It has automated many processes and eliminated the risk of overbooking - a key benefit for small vacation businesses without back-office systems or reception desks.

Seekda's solutions offer a wealth of functionality suitable for both small and large businesses. Continuous development and user-friendly interfaces ensure that UaB businesses always have access to the most advanced tools. Integration of new online partners is seamless and solutions are always implemented quickly. Seekda's dedicated contact persons provide direct and competent support and promote regular exchanges and a strong working relationship.

Seekda's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made the company a trusted partner in optimizing online bookings. Its continuous development and user-friendly approach have helped UaB and its members simplify processes and provide a seamless booking experience. Seekda is a recommended partner for businesses of all sizes in the ever-evolving tourism industry."

Klaus Niederacher, Managing Director of Seekda, shares on the success of the partnership: "Combining agriculture and tourism is an exceptional and sustainable model that is gaining attention beyond Austria's borders. As a reliable technology partner, Seekda's innovative booking solutions and interface infrastructures have made a significant contribution to the success of Urlaub am Bauernhof over the past 12 years, enabling members to steadily increase rental revenues."


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