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Exclusive Content Display for Access Restrictions and Promotions

We are pleased to announce our latest update, which introduces a highly requested feature: Exclusive Content Display for Access Restrictions and Promotions. This update brings a brand-new Promo Code setting that increases the flexibility and customization options for our hoteliers.

Previously, when a guest entered a promo code into KUBE, the system would display additional special offers and prices that were exclusive to the code holder. Based on user feedback and evolving needs, we have expanded this logic to provide even greater control over promotional campaigns.

With this update, it is now possible to hide the regular offers and prices for the guest when entering a promo code, and instead show only the special offers associated with the code. This exclusive setting allows properties to focus users' attention on specific products or offers, creating a more targeted and personalized booking experience.

Here are a few examples of how this new approach can be beneficial:

  • Enhanced Newsletter Promotions: Hotels often send newsletters to their regular customers, offering exclusive deals through promo codes. With the new exclusive setting, hoteliers can ensure that users' attention is focused on a specific product - the special offer - when booking through KUBE. By hiding regular offers and prices, customers are encouraged to explore and take advantage of the unique promotion.

  • Tailored Corporate Partnerships: Hotels often partner with corporations to provide a customized experience for their partners. By leveraging the exclusive environment, hotels can create a new Circle specifically for these corporate partnerships. By setting the first access restriction as "exclusive," non-exclusive content is hidden from the Circle, ensuring that partners see exactly what they need to see. This targeted approach streamlines the booking process, saves time, and increases overall partner satisfaction.

We believe this update will greatly benefit our clients by enabling them to curate exclusive experiences and promotions for their guests. By drawing attention to specific products or offers, you can drive engagement, increase conversions, and foster stronger relationships with your audience.


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