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Dynamic Allocations: Use First and Use Last

Successful and competitive online distribution requires effective methods to control which target groups can book which inventory at which time. Dynamic allocations in Hotel Manager help you master this task.

What are the characteristics of a dynamic allocations? By setting parameters, you decide when the system should automatically activate and release the allocations. The latest Seekda update adds two very useful options to dynamic allocations: Use First and Use Last.

Use First: Do you have a commitment to a channel to keep at least a certain number of rooms available, for example at least 2 rooms for Expedia? Then Use First is right for you. As soon as the minimum number of rooms is sold, the channel is treated equally to all others, i.e. the assignment is only active until the 2 rooms are booked by Expedia.

Use Last: Use this function to reserve the last available rooms (e.g. 3 for direct bookings). The allocation is active only when there are 3 or less rooms left in total.

Use the new Use Last option to increase the appeal of your direct channel and convince travelers to book directly. Bookers will be attracted if they can be sure to find the last available room on your own website. With the Use Last option, you can easily deliver on this promise!

Want to make sure no room is left empty? Use the room release rule (e.g. based on lead time) to automatically release a room allotment to all channels a few days before arrival, in case your direct channel is not able to use the entire allotment.

In the Hotel Manager, under the menu item Help > Documentation, you can learn more about how Use Last and Use First work for dynamic allotments.


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