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Dynamic Allocations: Activation and Release

Successful and competitive online distribution requires effective methods to control which target groups can book which inventory at which time. Limits and quotas within the dynamic allocations in Hotel Manager help you to master this task.

Are you already using our dynamic allocations tool? Under the Rates & Availabilities > Dynamic Allocations menu item, you can set daily limits and quotas as dynamic values!

As a refresher, if you set a daily limit, only that number of rooms can be sold on that day through the selected channel. With an allotment, the selected number is reserved for one channel. Once the allotment is used up, if there are still rooms available, the room type can still be booked through the channel.

What characterizes a dynamic allocation? By setting parameters, you decide when the system should automatically activate and release the assignment.

To better support our hoteliers in their day-to-day work, this popular feature has been enhanced with additional configuration options that trigger activation and release of dynamic assignments based on predefined conditions.

As of now, the triggers for activating and releasing dynamic allocations include the following options:

  • Advance booking duration or date-based conditions On a specific date, if the advance booking duration is less than any number of days, immediately (in case of activation) or never (in case of release)

  • Remaining availabilities of the assignment Greater or less than a predefined number of rooms in the category for which the assignment is created

  • Occupancy rate of the room type Greater or less than a predefined percentage of rooms in the category for which the assignment is created

To make the activation and release of the assignments even more specific, the above extended triggers can also be combined.

An example: The assignment will be activated on 10.06.2022 if the remaining room availability is less than 5 rooms and the occupancy of the room category is less than 85%

With this extension, you can easily adjust the dynamic mappings to your seasonal preferences while continuously analyzing and optimizing the performance, as well as the booking trends, of the different channels.


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