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Coming Soon: Circles - the new product from Seekda

Circles will change the way hotels manage and generate direct bookings, transforming the booking experience for both you and your guests. A real game changer and a must have for every hotelier.

Gone are the days of a single booking engine that caters to all sales contexts. Seekda's new product, Circles, is here to take hotel bookings to the next level. With Circles, you can create multiple booking engines for the same property, each with its unique sales settings and styling configurations that are tailored to specific selling contexts. This customization allows you to create a more personalized and enticing booking experience for users, resulting in increased bookings and revenue.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your business with Seekda. Keep an eye out for further updates as we approach the launch date in June!


Hotel Room

Almost there, the first step towards realizing your sales goals is just a mouse click away!

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