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China Tourism on the Verge of a Comeback: Prospects for the Dach Region

Tourists have been slow to return to Europe following the lifting of travel restrictions in China. As tour operators’ business resumes and Chinese travellers renew their passports for future travel, tourism authorities are expecting an increase in bookings in summer 2023

Although the most important markets for the DACH region are guests from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, the growing importance of the Chinese market should not be underestimated. According to the Austrian National Tourist Office, China was Austria's most important Asian source market before the pandemic, with around 900,000 arrivals and 1.3 million overnight stays; it also has the greatest growth potential.

Seekda's latest analysis of guests' countries of origin for the coming season confirms the forecasts of the various tourism associations: Chinese guests have already made their first bookings for the summer of 2023, with a strong upward trend. This information allows us to reflect on the sales strategy of our clients in order to take advantage of this opportunity to increase hotel sales.

Where do Chinese guests book and how can you target them directly? Ctrip ( is currently the largest online travel agency in China and one of the largest travel agencies in the world. Statistics show that, on average, one in four Chinese travellers search for accommodation on this platform. Utilizing this channel presents an interesting strategic option for all companies, an opportunity that Seekda offers through our fully certified interface with Ctrip. Taking advantage of this option is simple, just request Ctrip in the Hotel Manager under Interfaces > Connections.

With 731 million internet users, China is the country with the most online users. Nearly 80 per cent of this tech-savvy group are mobile internet users. Digital is their first choice when it comes to planning their new destination. A typical digital approach is for Chinese to research destinations and accommodations on official Chinese websites with key opinion leaders, and then compare prices across multiple channels for their dates of stay. A property that offers a best price guarantee for direct bookings therefore has a clear advantage. As Asian guests tend to book on their mobile phones, you should ensure that your own website is optimized for these devices.


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