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Booking Valais and Seekda: A Success Story From Switzerland

"Booking Valais is undoubtedly an outstanding project for Seekda. Both the Valais Hoteliers Association and the Valais hoteliers benefit indirectly from it. A successful business relationship should always be of mutual interest, which is obviously the case here."

Dr. Markus Schmid

Booking Valais President

Successful hotel management requires not only well-organized administration, but also seamless integration of disparate systems and effective marketing. In the Swiss canton of Valais, a popular tourist destination with over 700 hotels, a pioneering solution was found more than a decade ago: Seekda.

Dr. Markus Schmid, President of Booking Valais, tells the success story of the partnership with Seekda in a recent interview. "We were looking for an innovative and affordable solution," explains Dr. Schmid. "After carefully evaluating several systems, we came across Seekda and quickly agreed to work together. To secure financing, we combined the channel manager's offer with a comprehensive training campaign. In addition, we engaged a local IT service provider for second level support. By providing these services locally, the channel manager gained a regional connection and we were also able to optimally solve the language challenges that arose due to the bilingual nature of the canton of Valais".

The decision to go with Seekda was based on several compelling factors. Dr. Schmid emphasizes Seekda's modern concept, the powerful booking engine and the wide range of interface options. New connections can be implemented quickly and easily. Another advantage is that Seekda's Channel Manager is distributed throughout the Valais via Booking Valais and works seamlessly with most Property Management Systems (PMS) and Destination Management Systems (DMS) in use - even for smaller family businesses with only 10 to 20 rooms.

Another positive aspect is the continuous development of Seekda. The introduction of the new booking engine KUBE has brought many advantages. Booking Valais especially appreciates the possibility to easily integrate attractive packages into the booking system.

The increasing digitalization and the growing demands of the guests can be successfully met with Seekda's Channel Manager. This allows Valais hotels to optimize their management, expand their distribution channels and efficiently manage their bookings. The collaboration between Booking Valais and Seekda is an inspiring example of how innovation, collaboration and customer focus can drive the success of an entire industry.

"For a decade, we have been proud to maintain a reliable technological partnership with Booking Valais and to contribute significantly to their success. Our innovative booking solutions enable members to increase their rental income," says Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Niederacher, Managing Director of Seekda. He adds: "The success story of Booking Valais is an impressive example of how a regional association can use its positioning to achieve economic success."


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