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Airbnb: Automatically Accept Reservation Changes

With this feature, hoteliers can now specify whether or not to automatically accept reservation changes based on their current listings. This feature can be configured on a per-listing basis and gives our hoteliers more control and flexibility over their reservations, which in turn streamlines their processes and improves guest service. Highlights include:

  • Customization: Hoteliers can individually configure the Auto Accept settings for each listing they manage. This ensures that the feature can be tailored to each hotel's unique needs and offerings to provide a personalized guest experience.

  • Control and compliance: By enabling this feature, hoteliers maintain control over booking changes. These adjustments are accepted automatically when they meet the occupancy and availability of the booked room. This ensures compliance with hoteliers’ policies while providing seamless communication with guests.

  • Efficiency and Increased Revenue: Automating the process of accepting reservation changes saves our hoteliers time and effort, allowing them to focus on delivering an exceptional experience to their guests.

We believe this feature will be of great benefit to our hotel partners by simplifying the reservation management process and ensuring that changes are consistent with their hotel's offerings. By providing a more streamlined and efficient system, we aim to help our partners deliver outstanding service and increase revenue.


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