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Multiple specialized booking engines per hotel with individual sales optimizations and target group-specific styling configurations.

The days of using a single booking engine for all sales scenarios are finally a thing of the past. With Circles from Seekda, hotels can create individual sales optimizations and styling configurations for different target groups. The result is a customized experience tailored to specific guest needs

and preferences.

Why should hotels use a dedicated booking engine instead of their standard booking engine?
The applications are diverse ranging from events such as weddings, workshops and seminars to corporate rates, advertising in print media and online channels, packages and metasearch. The possibilities are endless.

Check out this link for a variety of use cases covered by Circles.

Optimization of marketing spend
By tailoring the booking environment to the specific audiences being advertised to, conversion rates increase, directly resulting in a reduction in marketing spend.

Personalized booking engines
Customize multiple booking engines for the same accommodation with unique sales settings and stylings.

Customized sales platforms

Create a customized booking experience for different audiences to meet guests where they are comfortable and not distracted.

Precision marketing

Captivate select audiences with customized booking solutions and leverage the endless possibilities of precision marketing.

Future-proof hotel

Stay ahead of the competition with Circles and benefit from an innovative and personalized booking experience.

Hotel Room

Almost there, the first step towards realizing your sales goals is just a mouse click away!

Contact our Hotel Technology Team at 

+43 1 236 5084-88 

by e-mail or simply use the contact form.

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