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Trivago Free Booking Link

We are pleased to announce that, similar to Google, trivago has launched free booking links in eight major markets (DE, ES, FI, FR, IE, IT, SE and UK) with other markets following soon. These new ads do not require a bid on the metasearch engine and offer independent hotels a great opportunity to increase their visibility and generate more direct revenue. This feature is available automatically and for free to all Seekda customers! What are the advantages of this new trivago option? The benefits for hotels are:

  • A new free way to generate more bookings and revenue on trivago.

  • The ability to compete with and reduce dependency on OTA channels.

  • More autonomy to control pricing and brand visibility.

  • Increased qualified traffic to hotel websites.

  • Positive booking experiences for the guests, who have more channels to choose from and can book on the hotel's official website, where they are more likely to find the best available rate.

What is the difference between paid and free listings? Unlike Google's free booking links, there are no extra slots or special markers on trivago to indicate that the ads are free. They appear as normal direct channel ads, but with the label "Hotel Website". Which hotels can participate? Participation in trivago Free Booking Links is currently limited to independent hotels that do not have an active campaign on trivago. For these hotels, the channel will be activated automatically and free of charge without any further action. Combined with other types of metasearch campaigns and targeted digital advertising, this option allows you to increase your visibility and return on investment while keeping your costs under control. Take advantage of it now!


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